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The following services are offered, testified through the recent projects.

  • Mapping and monitoring agricultural parameters with remote sensing
  • Fusion of satellite images in crop models
  • Assessment, provision and uncertainty estimation of regional climate projections and distillation of climate information to end-users
  • Operational provision and assessment of regional weather forecasts

In remote and proximal sensing of agricultural production and vegetation parameters:

EU-H2020-SFS-38-2018 "Sino-EU Soil Observatory for intelligent Land Use Management - SIEUSOIL", 2019 - 2022.

EU-H2020-SFS-19-2018 "Resilient farming by adaptive microclimate management - STARGATE", 2019 - 2023.

EU-H2020-SFS-43-2017 "Enhancing food security in African agricultural systems with the support of remote sensing - AfriCultuReS", 2017 - 2021,

EU-H2020-eInfra-21-2017 "European e-Infrastructure for Extreme Data Analytics in Sustainable Development - EUXDAT", 2017 - 2020,

EU-FP7 "Merging hydrological models and Earth observation data for reliable information on water - MyWater", 2011-2013,

EU-ERDF "Joint reference strategies for rural activities of reduced inputs in precision agriculture - AgroLess", 2013-2015,

EU-ENPI "Development of a common intraregional monitoring system for the environmental protection and preservation of the Black Sea - ECO-Satellite", 2011-2013,

ICT-Agri Call 2, FarmFUSE: “Fusion of multi-source and multi-sensor information on soil and crop for optimised crop production system” 2013-2016.

FP7, KBBE, 2007-1, project FUTUREFARM: "Integration of Farm Management Information Systems to support real-time management decisions and compliance of management standards".

QLRT-1999-01280, OPTIDIS: "Prototype data fusion system for autonomous crop monitoring".

FRACTALS subproject AGROMENTORIS: "Smartphone app for crop disease recognition", 2015-2016.

In climate modeling:

EURO-CORDEX, European Coordinated Regional Downscaling Experiment (Co-Coordinator),

EU, Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS-84): Global and regional a posteriori validation, including focus on the Arctic and Mediterranean areas, 10/2015 – 9/2018,

EC, FP7, Environmental Optimization of IRrigAtion Management with the Combine uSe and Integration of High PrecisIon Satellite Data, Advanced Modeling, Process Control and Business Innovation (ENORASIS), 2012-2015,

EC, FP6, Global and Regional Earth-System Monitoring using Satellite and in-situ  data, (GEMS) 2005-2009,

In meteorological forecasting:

EC, MARIE CURIE/TMR, African Easterly Waves and their transformation into tropical cyclones, 1997-1998,

TSUNAMI initiative (Corporation of Insurance Companies and the British Government), Seasonal prediction of tropical cyclogenesis in northern Atlantic with the use of atmospheric numerical models, 1999

EC & GSRT, A high-resolution forecasting system for maritime and other applications (NIREAS), 1999-2001

Ministry of Culture/General Secretariat of Olympic Games – ATHENS2004, Development and installation of special versions of the numerical weather and wave prediction models SKIRON/Eta, RAMS, LAPS, WAM for the Olympic Games of 2004, 2002-2004

EC, Automated fire and flood hazard protection system (AUTOHAZARD-PRO), 2002-2004,

GSRT, Weather forecasting services through the internet and mobile telephones (PRAXE), 2003

EC, Mediterranean Forecasting System Toward Environmental Predictions (MFSTEP), 2003-2006,

NSRF 2007-2013 (National Strategic Reference Framework) & ERDF, An Innovative and Integrated Conceptual Model to Mitigate the Impact of Climate Change on Drought: Potentiality and Applicability of a Precipitation Enhancement Project in Thessaly (DAPHNE), 2013-2015,