Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

GEOVISION interdisciplinary group

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GEOVISION integrates research infrastructure from its constituent laboratories. Amongst the most prominent are:

a computer lab equipped with ERDAS Imagine, eCognition and ENVI digital image software, ArcGIS and Manifold GIS software,

  • a robotic helicopter for field surveys, an airborne multispectral camera, an airborne thermal camera,
  • a fisheye lens for LAI estimation,
  • a TDR soil moisture probe,
  • a spectroradiometer,
  • a hyperspectral camera.

In combination with the Department of Meteorology and Climatology, it maintains own computational (128 Cores) and storage (100 TB) resources with technical support from the IT-AUTH staff ( AUTH members have access to the central university infrastructure (Datacenter and Tier-2 scientific computing) and the GRNET national HPC ARIS (Advanced Research Information System) Tier-1 infrastructure providing state of the art computing capabilities (